5 Best Falcom Games That Ever Released! Take a Peek Right Away!

best falcom games

The famous game developer like Square Enix must already become the trending topic around the world. But, do you know about Falcom or the complete one is Nihon Falcom. Of course, you’re not pretty familiar with this developer, right? Yeah, because there are only some games that trend through this developer. Now, I will make a list of the best Falcom games ever released. Are you curious about it? Just see the list below.

5 Best Falcom Games That Ever Released

ys memories of celceta gameplay

  • YS Memories of Celceta: Without a doubt, what makes Falcom become a great developer because of YS series. Of course, you know very well about this game. The greatest YS series that I play on the PS Vita system really makes me like this game more and more. Why? Because the graphics are fully 3D and the battle system really engaging. There is slow motion when you avoid the enemy attack and doing a special skill, it’s really cool to see! Also, from all YS series that already released, Memories of Celceta is the most interesting one because of the story aspects.

the legend of heroes trail of the cold steel gameplay

  • The Legends of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel I & II: The second title that makes Falcom become the great game developer is The Legends of Heroes series. The latest game, Trail of Cold Steel really steal the spot. Unlike the previous game who using mini 3D, the latest game using fully 3D graphics, so, your character appearance will appear in full 3D body. Same like always, the game still continues into series. What I like the most from this game because the story it’s very detailed, every character will have the own story. For the battle system, it’s not really different from the previous one.

ys vs sora no kiseki gameplay

  • YS VS Sora No Kiseki: This is a cross over game between YS and Sora No Kiseki ( The Legend of Heroes) game. The genre is action RPG like YS, but, you won’t find many enemies here, you will do 2 VS 2 battle or 4 VS 4 battle. You can pick many heroes from both titles. The interface of the game is pretty similar like YS 7. So, for you who already play the game, you won’t get confused with the game system.

tokyo xanadu gameplay

  • Tokyo Xanadu: The new entry of Falcom game franchise. The game created as the result of the combination between Persona and The Legend of Heroes game. So, you will find the similarity between those two games. The game has interesting concepts that make everyone will love to play it. Also the story of this game really interesting. The battle system using action genre, you will fight primarily on the dungeon. Oh yeah, for your information, this game also released on the PS 4 with the new enhancements.

Now, that’s the best Falcom game that you should play. For you who want to play new series of YS, you can try the latest installment on PS 4 and Vita. The name is YS 8 Lacrimosa of Dana. Of course, not only YS who get the latest installment Trails of Cold III also announced will get the release soon enough exclusively on PS 4 system. Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today article, see you all again next time. See you guys!


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