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Are you bored with the usual living room design? Wanna try a different design which will make your living room looks mesmerizing? There are a lot of choices of living room design that can be your inspiration out there and here, we have 5 living room design ideas that you can apply for your living room.

Scandinavian Design

scandinavian living room
© Nyde

Casual, simple, and gorgeous. That is the three words that can represent this design. A Scandinavian design is very popular and we can say that it is the most popular one at this moment. This design uses a lot of neutral colors such as grey, white, and black. And usually, has a large window as the main light source of this living room design. The last, Scandinavian also uses a wooden material for the flooring and greenery as the decoration.

Rustic Design

rustic living room
© Elena Gutierrez

A Rustic design focus on giving a more natural impression by applying an original material which not get any finishing touch like painting and polishing. This design is very close to nature as it uses a lot of materials which come from the nature such as wooden, rock, and metal material. Usually, the wall uses a material which made from wooden or rocks which has a strong texture. It also uses a furniture and accessories which has a natural material like a wooden table, leather sofa, rug, and etc.

Bohemian Design

bohemian living room
© Loaris Yates

A Bohemian design display looks irregular which reflects freedom. This design usually mixes and match so many colors and motif from the daily stuff such as a jar, bottle, paper craft, fabric, and the other trinkets which are then laid out to create an aesthetic value. In short, everything that has a unique motif and colorful color can be used for this living room design.

Industrial Design

industrial living room
© Stephanie Elms

The next design is often used as a cafe or office room design. A living room which applied an Industrial design has a high ceiling and identically uses a gold or bronze material, brick wall, and cement floor thus creating the impression of using raw materials. So, there are a lot of textures on this design which makes the living room looks outstanding.

Vintage Design

vintage living room
© Denise

The last but not least. If you love something old, a vintage design should be suitable for you. This design mostly uses an old-fashioned furniture and decoration such as old-fashioned wooden table and leather sofa, antique jars or a classic style spur. Many people think that this design is only for old people and it is not suitable for young and energetic people. Actually, that is not true. Besides, this one is very suitable for every people and it has become one of the most popular living room design.


That is all that we can share for today. So, from the 5 living room design ideas above, which one do you like the most? Every single living room design is good actually but, we need to choose it carefully and do not let us regret because the design is not in accordance with what we want. Then, thanks for reading and hope that this article can inspire you.

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