About Me

about me

Hi fellas, How do you feel today? Is it great or bad? As for me, I always feel great to entertain all of you…. just kidding guys. Now, I want to introduce myself. My name is Nathaniel. You can address me as Nate, that’s what my friends and relatives call me. I was born on 21 December and I have one sister. My purpose right now is to make this blog become more popular. My hobby is gaming. So, everything that I do is for a game. So, you don’t need to be surprised if you find all my articles always related to gaming stuff because my motto is, no game no life.

The Reason Why I Created this Blog

At first, I never have any intentions to make this one. So, why suddenly I create this? Because I just want to share my thoughts to all of you. Actually, my real reason is to manage my living expenses because I live alone in the boarding house. My friends who told about making a blog, not only I get the profit, but also I can share My hobby with the world. From here, my eyes already wide open to try this business. Up until now, I’m really happy to try my friend’s suggestion to make this one because I can get everything I want.

In the beginning, it’s quite hard to write an article. But, my hard work is pay off because I never give up to study about it. If you never give up, someday you will achieve your dream. I started this project from the scratch. I gather all the information that needed to create this blog. As a result, this one comes with the perfect condition. Of course, money it’s not only my purpose, I also give you some useful information that can help you.

About Nielinfo

In my blog, Nielinfo.com, you can find many articles about your daily lives. You can find many interesting facts about the world on this website, From the funny and the serious facts. Usually around gaming stuff because it’s my top priority. Don’t worry guys, you can still find some useful tips to make your life better. As a human, it’s very important to collect all the information that you meet. Why? Someday you really need this. If you can do all this, you become the most successful person in the world because you have all the information that you need.

You can also give me some suggestion if you have something in your mind, don’t hesitate, guys, I won’t bite. Actually, I’m really happy if you can do that. You must know every human have a limited knowledge, that’s why if you can, I will give you a million thanks. I think that’s enough all the information that I can give you. Oh yeah, if you found a mistake in my article, I hope you understand, sometimes human make an error. So, don’t forget to PM if something like that happens in the future.