Ash’s Strongest Pokemon List | The Guy Who Never Gonna Win the Pokemon League!

Ash’s Strongest Pokemon

Ash Ketchum or also known as Satoshi in USA version of Pokemon anime. The guy who began his journey at age 10. And the guy who never wins the Pokemon League even though his Pokemon is not that bad, at least I can say for sure his Pokemon roster is quite formidable. So, why he can’t win a single Pokemon League out there? That’s the secret of the author why always make Ash lose in the league. Now, I want to tell Ash’s Strongest Pokemon that he ever catch before. If you curious about it, just scroll down your mouse below to see further information.

Ash’s Strongest Pokemon


  • Charizard: The first strong Pokemon that Ash ever have. In his first journey, he found the Charmander who really weak (the fire on his tail already off) and bring it to the nearest Pokemon Center. After Ash rescues him from the dangerous, Charmander decided to become Ash Pokemon. And then after a long journey, he evolved into Charmeleon and the for the final stage, it’s evolved to Charizard, the powerful lizard Pokemon. But, I don’t know why Charizard disobeyed Ash command, so, Charizard always does something that he likes and ignore Ash. After the lost in the Indigo League, he eventually obeys Ash command. But, when Ash begins his journey to Johto, he decided to leave the Charizard in order to train him to become even more powerful Pokemon.


  • Pikachu: The second Ash stronger Pokemon probably Pikachu. Yeah, this little mouse has a strong willed to fight and help Ash on many occasions. Pikachu also learns many notable moves that others electric Pokemon didn’t own it. The move like Volt Tackle, Iron Tail, and Electro Ball, it’s really a powerful move. But, the beginning of Pokemon anime, Pikachu almost leave Ash side because he finds the companion that already becomes like his family, but, Pikachu decides to follow Ash in the end.


  • Infernape: This Pokemon appeared in Diamond and Pearl series. Even though this one is not Ash Pokemon at first. But, eventually it’s become Ash’s Pokemon after the Trainer, Paul releases the poor Chimchar because of this Pokemon really weak. Of course, even though this Pokemon weak it still has the hidden potential that everyone never knows. So, as a result as take care of Chimchar and evolved him into Monferno, and the last stage is Infernape. In order to prove to the Paul that Infernape is a strong Pokemon, Ash keeps training him and eventually it can beat Paul’s Electivire.

mega greninja

  • Greninja: Ash’s Pokemon that he gets while he journey to the mega evolves land, Kalos. Even though I wish Charizard Ash’s can mega evolved in this XY series, but my expectation ruined. But, I still have the powerful Greninja, because this Pokemon can change its form and match against Mega Evolve Pokemon out there. It can be seen on the film, it can match the Pokemon Champion Pokemon, Gardevoir in the battle. Or I can say, Greninja is even more powerful than that. But, it’s lost the battle with Mega Charizard in the Pokemon League. And once again, Ash releases his powerful Pokemon (What a shame).

That’s Ash’s strongest Pokemon based on my opinion. How about you? Can you think another Ash Pokemon list that has a potential to become the strongest? If so, give me your thought by writing it in the comment section. See you all again next week and may the god bless you all.


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