The Awesome Goddesses in the World of Mythology || See the List Right Away!

the awesome Goddesses in the world of mythology

If we talk about mythology, the first thing in your mind must be Thor, Odin, or Loki. That is the famous God of Norse mythology. But, it is not our main topic today. Let us end the talk about the God, now we will move to tell you about the awesome Goddesses in the world of mythology. See the full details about it.



Come from Ancient Egyptian Mythology. She is the goddess of moisture and rain. Furthermore, she is the daughter of Sun God Ra. The shape of her head like a lion and the body like a serpent. Even though she is a goddess of rain, Tefnut can also summon a bright drought in the sky when she angry. She is the famous goddess of the Egyptian era and rules almost everything. She had a child named Osiris which later become the God of the Sky.



The goddess of the sea. It comes from China mythology. This goddess will protect fisherman and sailor from the wrath of the sea. You can still see the statue of Mazu in China in right now. She was born in year 960. She like wears a red dress and always use her fishing boat to explore the sea. Mazu can also use a supernatural power. Because of her power, many people respect her to become the protector of the sea.

Mami Wata

mami wata

Mami Wata is really famous in Africa mythology. She is the spirit of water. When she appeared the water temperature in the sea change completely. Usually, she comes in the mermaid form and with her snake companion. Also, if you can meet one, this goddess will bestow riches upon them. We do not know it is true or not.



The major deity in Shinto Religion (Japan). We are sure you know very well about this goddess. It is really well known because she also appears in many video games series. She is the god of sun and her brother Susanoo who control the sea. Amaterasu also had a conflict with her brother because of Susanoo throw a flayed horse into her weaving hall. It is considered a rude act. After that, Amaterasu brings upon a darkness onto the world.

Final Words

So, which goddess is your favorite? As for us, we like all of them. If you want to discuss something about this topic, we will gladly to accept your offer. You can use the comment box below to start the discussion.


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