Best 3DS Games That You Need to Have at All Cost!

best 3ds games

Hey fellas, how are you today? As for me, I’m doing really great. Today, I want to share about Nintendo handheld called 3DS. Of course, all of you already familiar with this one, right? Yup, this one is the successor of NDS. As the PS Vita rival its normal 3DS to prepare the best game from this handheld portable. Here, I want to give you the best 3DS games that you should play in your free time. For you who have this console, you must see this article at all cost.

Best 3DS Games | Decide Your Choice Right Away!

pokemon games 3ds

  • Pokemon Games: Yeah, the ultimate weapon of Nintendo game is Pokemon without a doubt. On this handheld, you can find Pokemon XY, Pokemon Omega Ruby, Platinum Sapphire and the new one is Pokemon Sun and Moon. Honestly, the playstyle it’s not that the different. But, people still come back to play this game again and again. Of course, I’m included, this game really magical if I must say. Because through the simple gameplay it can attract the customer without fail. As I know, Gamefreak already the new Pokemon game this year. The named Ultra Sun and Moon. It’s the enhanced version of the Sun and Moon franchise.

fire emblem games 3ds

  • Fire Emblem Games: The second reason the best 3DS game is Fire Emblem. You can play Fire Emblem awakening, Fates, Shadow of Valentina and the new one to be released is Fire Emblem Musou. There are many differences from the NDS version, like the graphics, marriage system and the Voice acting. If you looking for best FE game, you can find it on 3DS immediately.

mario games 3ds

  • Mario Games: If you heard about Nintendo, in your mind must be the Mario franchise that they created. Yeah, you can still find it on this handheld. Thanks to the 3D enchantment Mario games can evolve once more. From Mario Kart and Mario 3D, although it’s classical it’s worth to try it.

square enix games 3ds

  • Square Enix Games: SE sees 3DS as a treasure. They released the phenomenal game once again on this console. Such as Kingdom Hearts 3D, and Dragon Quest. Don’t forget about Bravely Default, the new RPG game that specially released on 3DS. It reminds you of classic FF Series.

persona q games 3ds

  • Atlus Games: This is the first time Persona game ever released on Nintendo console. If you love this console you must know about Devil Survivor 1 and 2, right? This game also already been remade to this console. Not only that, Atlus already prepared Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey Redux on this console, it’s the remake from NDS game.

That’s all the game that you should try if you have 3DS console. This one still has potential to evolve once more. Okay, guys, I think is enough for today, if you want to add something don’t hesitate to regarding Best 3DS games, just write down your comment below. I really appreciate if you can do that. I think it’s enough for today. Have a nice day and See you all again next time guys.


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