Best Android Apps That You Should Download on your Smartphone Right Away!

best android apps

Smartphone already becomes the vital part of everyone daily life. Can you see someone who doesn’t bring out their smartphone? Of course not. I’m also included. Your activity from morning and night always related to a smartphone. Even though you really busy, you will spare your time to open your phone, right? Don’t lie to me because I’m like that too, LOL. Now, my today topic is about best Android Apps that you should download from your Google Play Store or App Store!

Best Android Apps That You Should Download Right Away!

google maps and waze

  • Google Map and Waze: This two thing is a must when you go out. Just install this app you can go anywhere you want. The map will guide you safely to your destination. Actually, I recommend Waze because it’s complete than Google Maps. Waze can tell when the street has a traffic or not. The sign is when the road turns to orange color. This can also tell you the alterative way and the quickest one.


  • Uber: Do you love going to the vacation but lazy to drive your own vehicles? Just order your driver with Uber app. You can go anywhere you want without draining too much energy. Also, depending on your account, you will get a big discount. I ever used it, and my cost price is 0, can you believe that? You can go anywhere for free.

wps office

  • WPS Office + PDF: Sometimes you need to store your word documents file into your handphone. This is a useful app for all of you. Also, the size it’s not that big, that’s why make it easy to open. It won’t cost you a higher RAM to open this app. Also, you can type in this app, if you want to edit your data or add something.

nova launcher

  • Nova Launcher: Of course you want to change your smartphone appearance, right? With this app, you can modify your phone into a new one. Of course not physically, but digitally. You can the home screen design, theme and wallpaper all you want. Just download this launcher and see the fun for yourself.

es file manager

  • ES File Explorer File Manager: Do you want to monitor you storage data? Download this app is your solution. With this one, you can extract a Zip or Rar file right away. For the phone who can’t extract Zip file, you need to download this one. This app also equipped with cleaner. So, it’s very easy to clean your Ram and cache. Not offline storage, you can also access online storage thanks to this app. Although, it’s not free, LOL.

As you can see this is the best Android apps based on my opinion. That’s why just browse your Play Store to download this apps right away. I’m sure you won’t regret having this one install on your smartphone. Okay guys I think it’s enough for today. If you want to add recommended apps for the smartphone don’t hesitate to write down your comment below. See all again next time and may the God bless you all!


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