Best Android Games, Which One Should You Play?

best android games

All of you must confuse which one is the best Android games you should play. No need to worry anymore, just check out the list below. We sure all of curious what kind of game that makes this device become a trending topic nowadays. Now, check out the list below which games you should play in your free time, hope you like it.

Best Android Games, Which One You Choose?

The meaning of best not only about the graphics and gameplay. If the game quite good it must relate to many aspects, such as story line, mechanism, and features. The good users never value the game from graphics and gameplay only, but they look every aspect of it. Now, if you curious what best games for Android, check it out below.

Seven Knights

seven knights

We sure all of you know this RPG very well. It’s quite phenomenal actually. This great game comes from Korea. When the first launch it already captures many gamers hearts. Why? because the gameplay really makes you addicted to playing it. Many quests to complete and challenging enemy all you can get in this game. Also, the characters design that really great that make all of you like it very much. We really recommend this game if you like RPG.

Yugioh Duel Links

yugioh duel links

Remember this game? Of course, you will. Do you miss this card battle? Now, you can get the sensation again with this game. Now, Yugioh series come once again to the Android. The first one is Yugioh Duel Generation, but the gameplay not that good, you will get bored within a sec. Of course, this one is different. Why? Because you will love it when the first time you try it. The only minus this game has is about getting the cards. Actually is quite hard to get what you want.



Do you want to play great music game? If so, grab this game. We sure you love it very much. Why? Because it has a unique playstyle that different from the usual music game. The music also quite great and it can make you motivated to play it. What makes this game so great is the visual effects and the graphics quality. We sure you will be amazed at it.

So, what do you think about it? Do you want to try this one of this or you already know about this game? We sure there are still many Android games that have a great gameplay. You don’t need to worry about that, this three games can complete your life already if you want to get an enjoyable game. Now, do you satisfied with the list above?  Of course, you will. Okay, guys, you don’t need to worry anymore which games for Android that you want to play in your free time. We hope our article help you who looking for something to ease your boredom.


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