Best Anime Games on Smartphone | Download and Play it immediately!

Best Anime Games on Smartphone

For you who like anime games (like me) of course, you will look the best one that you can get for you smartphone. Yeah, nowadays, you do not find anime games only on console but you can find it on a smartphone also. That’s enough talk, just see the best anime games on smartphone that you should play immediately.

Best Anime Games on Smartphone That You Should Play

fate grand order gameplay

Fate Grand Order: This is the first anime game that I recommend. For your information, this game recently released the English version on a western territory. Yeah, finally this phenomenal game in Japan get the western release. So, is it a good game? Actually, I recommend it for you who know about Fate Stay Night series, but what about the others who don’t know about it? Do they enjoy this game? The answer is absolutely yes. This turn-based RPG already captive everyone hearts. Because the unique way that implemented on the game mechanism. In order to attack, you need using a card to give a command. Each card has different support skill that can be very helpful if you play it right. Many servants will appear in this game, so you must be ready for the hype guys!

sao memory defrag

Sword Art Online Memory Defrag: After done with Fates series, I will move to another one. Who doesn’t know about SAO franchise, of course, you know it very well, right? The second online game that you should play next is SAO. The genre is Action RPG. The battle mechanism is really easy, just tapping the screen to normal attack and touch the character icon to unleash the devastating skill. The story will tell about the SAO incident until GGO. If you ready to see the devastating action, you need to download this one at all cost.

dragon ball z dokkan battle

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Next, is the Dragon Ball franchise. If usually Dragon Ball game about fighting one on one, but this one is different. This game implemented RPG elements and puzzle genre. In order to attack, you must select the ball, the more ball that can connect with same colors, you will get the bonus attack points to your characters. The game it’s little bit complex. But, bit by bit you will understand about the mechanism about it.

yugioh duel links gameplay

Yugioh Duel Links: Now, after you tired about RPG. It’s time to move into a card game. The newest Yugioh game appeared on Play Store. Is it a good game like the console version? The answer depends on the people who play it. As for me, I enjoy it quite a bit. The regret about this game you can only summon up to three monsters on the field. Other than that, I really recommend this one.

naruto ultimate ninja blazing gameplay

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing: For you who looking Naruto game in RPG style, I think this is the great game you must download. Unlike another Naruto game that you need to fight one on one, this one is turn based RPG. In order to attack, you need to move the target to the enemy, and if your character near another ally character, it will do a combo attack automatically. In order to unleash your Ninjutsu or Taijutsu, you need to max out the skill gauge until full.

That’s the best anime games on smartphone. I’m sorry if you’re game not included here because it’s all based on my opinion. I think it’s the end of my article, if you want to ask about anime games for Android, don’t hesitate to write down your thought below. I will reply to you as soon as possible.


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