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best fire emblem games

Fire Emblem is one of the iconic game from Nintendo. Everyone who has Nintendo console, I’m sure you ever meet this game or you already become the fans of it? If so, you need to see the best Fire Emblem games that you can play in your free time. Now, you need to brace yourself to see the best of the best FE games. Check it out below guys!.

Best Fire Emblem Games | Best of the Best

Rank 1

fire emblem awakening gameplay

Fire Emblem Awakening: The first Fire Emblem that appeared on the 3DS system. And in my opinion, this is the best Fire Emblem game that ever released. What makes this game outstanding is the “marriage system” This is the greatest system that I ever see in the Fire Emblem universe. So, your character can marry and you can use the child in battle. For the battle system, it’s same like the usual game. The graphics also enhanced from 2D and 3D. So, it’s really beautiful to see the game.

Overall: If you want something new in Fire Emblem, you should play the Awakening version as soon as possible.

Rank 2

fire emblem shadow dragon

Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon: The game it’s the remake for the first Fire Emblem. The news features of this game are DLC and new story content. In the DLC sections, you will get an additional chapter, if you cleared the stage, you can get an exclusive item. Of course, not only that who get enhanced, the graphics quality also really smooth and the details are quite good.

Overall: If you want nostalgic about Fire Emblem series, and feel the classic gameplay of the game, I really recommend this one.

Rank 3

fire emblem fates conquest

Fire Emblem Fates Conquest: In the third rank, I have Fire Emblem Fates Conquest. If you want a good Fire Emblem story you need to play this one at all cost. The story is really deep and good to read. You will know the details of every character. And the first game that has many protagonists and story. You will also find Chrom (Fire Emblem Awakening) child here. Also, this game is really challenging from other series, You will know after you play the Lunatic Classic Mode.

Overall: What makes me choose this series in the 3rd rank because of the quality of the story. Playing a game, not about the gameplay only but it should have a good story also. If you want a good story and gameplay, I recommend you pick Fire Emblem Fates Conquest.

Rank 4

fire emblem sacred stone

Fire Emblem Sacred Stone: The classic Fire Emblem that released on GBA. I think the classic game is the best stuff. Also, unlike the recent Fire Emblem games, you can choose the easier difficulties to prevent your character from dying. The gameplay is really simple and it’s what makes the game looks really great. I hope this game gets a remake because it’s one of my favorite Fire Emblem game.

Overall: The classic one is still the best. The game really challenging because if your character died, you can’t revive it again. So, you need a good strategy to move out your unit. So, the strategy is really crucial in this game.

That’s the best Fire Emblem games that you should play. So, which title is your favorite? Decide your own choice by writing down the comment below. Okay, guys, that’s the end of my article, hopefully, it can help you to choose the best Fire Emblem games.


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