Best Movies in 2017 || Choose Your Best One Right Away!

best movies in 2017

The movie always becomes the main attraction for us if get bored. Now, end of the years almost come. For that sole reason, we already make a list of the best movies in 2017 which you can watch to reminisce about this year film. Are you curious which one is the best one?  Let us together check it out.

Spiderman Homecoming

spiderman homecoming

First on the list is Spiderman Homecoming. We are sure if you a spidey lover, this movie is really suitable for you. We think this is the best Spiderman after quite a long time. Also, Ironman makes an appearance in this movie. For you who do not know, this movie is the continuation of Captain America Civil War movie. Peter Parker who already succeeds to help Tony Starks in the previous battle against Captain America want another challenge to prove him become a superhero. Here, we will see a daily life of Peter Parker to climb become a true hero.

Thor Ragnarok

thor ragnarok

Once again, Marvel studio dominate this year box office movie. After the successful Spiderman, they come again with Thor Ragnarok. This is the last film of Ragnarok. The story tells about the war of god, also known as Ragnarok. Thor, the son of Odin must replace his father who already died to defend Asgard. Actually, this one does not follow the story of mythology directly which is a shame. But, this movie still good as always.


it movie

As for the horror, we have IT to become the best horror movie in 2017. We really like the story because it is different from usual one. As for usual horror movie, the setting of the place will be a house full of family and they will get haunted in the process. This one follows a group of kids who fight against a clown alien to save their city. Many terrifying scenes can make you surprised and jump around. There is also a comedy genre in this movie what makes this game looks great!

Kong Skull Island

kong skull island

If you miss a King Kong movie, this one can become the medicine. The story of the movie tells about an expedition group who find an unhabituated and mysterious island. After that, they explore this island and found many unique creatures one of them called Kong which looks like a big monkey. Now, the adventure between human and kong begin in the mysterious realm.


Now, that is all about the best movie you can watch in your free time. What do you think about it? If you have another candidate to become the best, do not forget to give a comment below.


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