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best romance anime

Anime already become the part of Otaku life. Of course, not only otaku, everyone who like cartoon must like anime too. Now I want to tell you the best part of romance anime that you should see. For anime lover, especially who like romance, you should see my article at all cost. I’m sure you won’t regret it. What are you waiting for guys? Just see the best romance anime list immediately

Best Romance Anime You Should Watch!


  • Toradora: If you love romantic comedy anime, I think you should watch Toradora anime. The story of the anime around  Takasu Ryuuji who like cleanliness and the face like a punk. And the main heroine Aisaka  Taiga who act like a punk. The story is a bit awkward for both of them. Because they are in love. Ryuuji likes Taiga friend and Taiga like Ryuuji. So, both of them team up together to achieve their own goal. So, what will the story progress? You need to watch the rest of the anime by yourself!

golden time

  • Golden Time: The same creator of Toradora. So, you can expect something good from this anime. The story about an Amnesiac boy, Tada Banri. In order to health his injuries and move forward to change something in his life. He decides to move out to Tokyo. Here, He will run his new life and encounters new people in his new life. Actually, I’m really like this film a lot. The romance that it’s offer in this film is superb. For you who like romance anime, you should watch this one at all cost.

school days

  • School Days: If you like harem romance anime, this is the suitable anime that you should watch at all cost. In the end of the last episode, you will be surprised with the ending of School Days. This anime also not your usual romance anime who revolves around two people who fall in love with each other. But, it’s harem anime who focuses on many girls with one boy. So, if you like this kind of anime, I suggest you watch this one as the starter.


  • Nisekoi: Falling in love with a pretty girl you just met is normal, but how about you already promised to get married with a girl since childhood? That’s the story of this anime. The protagonist, Raku Ichijo who promised to a girl when they play together since childhood to get married to him. But, even though he can’t recognize the face of the girl and the name, he still keeps the pendant that he received from the girl that he like before. He hopes someday he will meet the girl that he promised with.

That’s the best romance anime that you should watch in your free time. I can guarantee you won’t regret any single bit to watch my recommendation. For you who want to see another anime list about romance, just write down your it on the comment section below. I will give you the list personally. Okay, guys, this is the end of my article. Have a nice day and see you all again next time.


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