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blades of brim game review

If you heard about the endless running game, you will choose Subway Surfers but, the creator of the Subway game creates the new games that everyone never expects off, what is it? It’s called Blades of Brim. Today, I will tell you everything that I know in this game to all of you who curious about it. Without further ado, just check out the Blades of Brim game review based on my experience while playing this game.

 Blades of Brim Game Review

About the Game

Blades of Brim is an endless running game that everyone will enjoy it. If you ever play Subway Surfers, you will find the similarity between both of them. What makes this game different from another endless running game is you have the task in this game. what the task exactly? You need to beat all the purple monsters on each stage and you will get a score from it. Of course, you will get a weapon and armor to make your character stronger and acquire another skill. Now, it’s the time to become a hero to beat the evil stuff.

What Your Task in this Game?

blades of brim gameplay

Your task’s really simple. What you need to do is swing your weapon to beat all the monsters that you meet. You can play the game as long as you want. The only chance you will lose because you already lose three health (hearts). Of course, you don’t need to depend all your luck on the weapon, in this game, you can also summon the pet to help your journey in the game. But, you need to brown flute to call the pets.

What About the Graphics Quality?

You don’t need to ask about it, the quality of the graphics is superb. You will enjoy the all the scenery when you running and beat the enemy. If you want to play a game with good graphics, this is one of the games that you should pick immediately.

How About the BGM (Background Music)?

It’s mediocre. Not really great and but it’s not really bad. But, it’s quite enjoyable to listen to the music. Actually, I’m quite liking the music even though it’s really generic.

blades of brim interface

The Conclusion of the Review

The Good The Bad
It’s pack with a lot of monsters to beat Actually, it’s kinda hard to hit the enemies on the air
Exciting level, especially the portal quest It’s kinda hard to get coins and essences
The graphics are really wonderful to see, you will enjoy the game for sure Sometimes, the bug will occur, like when summoning your pets, you will go into the invisible mode


For Subway Surfers fans, you need to play this game at all cost. For you who like an action game, you can also play it. I’m sure it’s really worth your time. Each level and portal give you something you new that you will love to try

Score: 8.0

That’s the conclusion of Blades of Brim game review. If you need another question about Blades of  Brim series, you can ask me by writing in the comment box below. I will reply as soon as possible. Okay, guys, happy gaming and let’s duel our score to become the best one!


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