Block Strike Store Glitch, Free Gold for Lifetime!

Howdy guys, I have just found a store glitch in Block Strike where we can get free gold for a lifetime. This is not fake because I have tried it by myself and I get 570 Platinum to my account. Is not it really great? You can do the same thing if you follow my method of using this store glitch.

Free gold for a lifetime is not our dream anymore. We can use this method anytime as long as it works. So, this is your big opportunity to give a try to this method or you may regret it. We are sure you would be so happy after receiving much Platinum to your account.

How to Use the Store Glitch?

We will enlighten you a little bit. You have to understand that we cannot hack a game without Cheat Engine, you can download it and find this hex “A1 B2 99 00” when you are in the store. After that, you can change the value to “0” where we can buy all package without spending our money.

Alternatively, we have just found block strike hack where it has been designed in a complex code where we just need to close the app. Then, we have to input our username and wait for the hacking process. It will not take longer than your expectation. After you are on the success page. You can reopen the app and check your gold amount. Is not it simple?

Preparation For Using this Glitch!

  1. Stable internet connection
  2. 1 GB RAM+ (Free RAM)
  3. Clear cache
  4. Close the APP

Do not forget to do those steps above because you will face errors if you cannot fulfill all the requirements above. If you have any further question you can ask on the comment below. It would be my pleasure to answer anything regarding this Block Strike store glitch.


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