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blossom blast saga game

Today, I’m really happy. Why? Because finally, I found the great game that I can play it my leisure time. Some of you must ever hear about Blossom Blast Saga, right? This game available for both on Android iOS. Of course, you don’t need any superior specs of Smartphone to play this game. Today, I want to talk more about Blossom Blast Saga game. The reason why I like this one very much.

Without further ado, check the reason below….

My impression about this game

If I must say, this game is really simple. This is the simplest game that I ever see. In this matchmaking games, you only need to match up three flowers with the same color and designs. You can do it on horizontal, vertical and cross. Also, you will get a power-up item along the way to further increase your score. Up until now, I heard this game have 300 level. Wow, can you reach that? It’s hard to answer the questions like that.

Next, check out the game mode that I like from Blossom Blast Saga game….

There are two modes that I like from this game first, Scoring Mode and the last, Big Bud Mode. For details information, see the list below…..

blossom blast saga gameplay

Scoring Mode: Here, you will have a target score in order to pass the mission. If you don’t get the enough score point, you will face a game over screen, LOL. That’s why you need to think out of the box to figure out how to increase your score quickly.

Big Bud Mode: If you can’t handle the score point from the previous mode that I mention above, you can try this mode instead. Your mission in this stage is to pop up all the big bud. The way is still the same, you need to match up three flowers or more. Oh yeah, you must wonder why the bud has a number on it, it’s the time before the big bud explode. In this stage, you need to think quickly how to solve your problem.

The Secret Tips From Me

All players in this game must know how hard to get gold. Yeah, without a doubt this is the hardest challenge for all the player must face. I also included, I think the developer of the game it’s not fair. If you want to get gold, just buy it, yeah simple like that. But, not everyone can do that. I’m really mad because it’s my favorite game. That’s why I looking for a way out to get Blossom Blast Saga gold without using that way.

After a long searching, I finally found the reliable website. In that website, I can get the free gold. It’s like a dream come true. If you curious, just visit Blossom Blast Saga hack. You will get the unlimited gold instantly without any hard way. I already tested it and works like a charm.

Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for Blossom Blast Saga game. If you want to add something regarding this game, don’t hesitate to write down your comment below. I really appreciate if you can do that. See you all again next time and happy gaming guys!


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