Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Review || A Great FF Game on Mobile Device!

dissidia final fantasy opera omnia review

If you heard Dissidia, you will remember the old game on PSP. Of course, you are not wrong about this. For your information, this game uses the same theme like the PSP game. The only difference is the gameplay. It is not fighting game anymore, the developer changed it into turn-based RPG. For people who curious about this, see Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia review.


dissidia final fantasy opera omnia story

This one is also known as the story mode. As we know, this game only features 5 chapters. It is no wonder because this game recently released. Here, you will enjoy fighting the enemy while uncovering the secret why many FF characters meet each other.

Battle System

Unlike usual FF game, you will not see the attack, item, guard, and escape command. You only see a Brave attack and HP attack command. We are sure you know about these two terms. It is same like Dissidia FF. Here, you need to collect brave points from the enemy by using Brave Attack. Remember, Brave attack will not destroy the enemy, it is only stealing their point and cause Brave Break.

dissidia final fantasy opera omnia gameplay

As for the HP attack, it will decrease the enemy HP and you win the battle. If you do not know how many HP damage you can land on the enemy, you can see your Brave points. That is the hint how much damage you can inflict on your enemy HP. To make thing easier. Collect Brave Points and deal damage use HP attack.

Many FF Characters

You can find many FF characters in this game from the first series until the latest one. To make it more perfect, you do not need to use your main currency to get the characters. You only need to finish up the quest or special event to get it.

Is it Worth to Play the Game?

This is a great game indeed. Square Enix did really well to bring the game to the west. For your information, this game already released back in 2017 for the Japanese version. The gameplay and the graphics are really superb. Also, you can easily get the main currency. We do not know why Square really generous in this game only.


For FF lover, you must try this game at all cost. You will get addicted to this game for sure. If you still have a question about this, do not hesitate to tell us. We will give any information you need about this amazing game. Download and play it right away. if you have difficulties to play a game do not hesitate to visit complete game guide website which we recommend you from a long time ago on this website.


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