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tales of the rays game review

Who doesn’t know about Tales of series? I’m sure all of you familiar with it or you already become the fans of this game. Now, for you who have the smartphone (Of course, you do) you can rejoice right now. Why? Because Bandai Namco games present you the latest work of Tales series. Here, you can meet many Tales characters. It reminds you of Tales of the World Radiant Mythology series, but this one is more up to date. Do you curious what will the game offer for you? Just check out Tales of the Rays game review.

Tales of the Rays Game Review

I will divide the review into some parts. I will also the given rating at the end of my review. Is it worth or not? Just check out my article below for further information about it.

tales of the rays gameplay

  • Graphics: First of all, I will tell you about the graphics. It’s good, but it’s not that great as the console version. You can see Tales of Berseria has the stunning graphics of the other Tales series. But, I think the graphics of Rays is more than enough. I’m sure you will be satisfied with it. The details and the effects also really great. You can also lower the graphics by going into the setting menu. If your device can’t take the game, I suggest you lower the graphics quality.

tales of the rays storyline

  • Gameplay: Now, this is the important aspects that all of you need to know. Here, the battle system using Flick motion battle system. The gameplay similar to Tales of the Graces but minus touch screen features. Also, it’s really easy to unleash the skill. When you attacking, you will see some kind of symbol (Like a star) if you flick it up and down you can unleash the skill easily. You can install up to four skill.
  • Music: Now, I will move to the music section. Hmmm, it’s good but the music kinda like a remix version of the old Tales game. But, aside from that, you will enjoy the music too.
  • Storyline: The important factor of Tales series usually the story. How about this one? I think the story sound cliché. The protagonist, Ix and his childhood friend, Mileena begin the journey to find Nexus (Strong warrior which is Tales of character) to ask a help to beat the evil thing and save his homeland. Aside from that, you can find many Tales character and know their story.

Overall Score: 80

Commentary: If you love Tales of series, I recommend you to try this game as soon as possible. And if you love RPG you may also like this one. For people who don’t like long story event, avoid this game at all cost. I already warn you. So, if you insist play at your own risk.


  • You can meet many Tales of characters. From the old and new one.
  • Easy control. You can unleash skill with one finger without any problem.
  • There is no unlock requirement to get specific characters which is really great!
  • The beautiful graphics of Tales series.


  • Very hard to get character skill. You need to use Mirogems which is the main currency of the game.
  • Repetitive quest ( I think it’s normal for RPG game)
  • Use NX (energy system) to enter the dungeon, which really sucks because you need to wait to refill the energy back.
  • Story it’s little a bit flat. But, there is a skip feature that really helpful for people who don’t want to watch the story.

That’s the Tales of the Rays game review. What do you think about it? The game is not that awesome but it’s not that bad. The game is so-so, but, in my opinion, it’s quite enjoyable. Now, don’t forget to write down your thought about the game in the comment section below. See you all again next time and get your game on!


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