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fire emblem heroes eirika

Today my topic about my favorite game. Who doesn’t know about Fire Emblem Heroes game? I’m sure you know very well about it. Nintendo, the developer of this game done really well. Here, I want to give you a hero review. Right now the luck selection is Eirika. Are you curious about it? Just see Fire Emblem Heroes Eirika guide below.

Who is Eirika?

Who is she actually? She is the princess of reinas. She had a brother name, Ephraim. Two of the lead the country. Of course, you think it’s better to choose her brother rather than Eirika herself. Actually, that statement it’s not entirely true. In this game, Eirika is far stronger and useful rather than her brother. But, thanks to the weapon advantages, of course, the brother will win for sure. She is not the only kind toward her brother but everyone else that she meets. If you want to see her in action just play Fire Emblem Sacred Stone (GBA).

Eirika Status & Skill

Her status below is based on 5* and max level. (the max characters level in this game is 40)

Attack 41
Speed 36
Defense 23
Resistance 30


Sieglinde: This is Eirika final weapon and the strongest one. It will grant her 16 attack points and sub effects to the other heroes. Yeah, it will give another hero +3 Attack in each beginning of the turn. That’s why you need to near her if you want to get the boosted attack.


Pivot: With this ability, Eirika can walk through the others heroes. It’s very useful if you want to protect the hero who under attack. Besides that, this assists is quite useless.

The Last but not least……


  • Drag Back: This is the skill that I like. After the combat end, if you have this skill, the unit, and the foe will move back one space. It’s quite useful though to remove the enemies that you hate the most in this game, LOL.
  • Hone Speed 4: This ability also quite useful to support the teammate. If her weapon can increase 3 attack points, hone speed can increase the party speed for 4 points. With her, you can deal a lot of damage to the opposing opponent.



In the end, is it Eirika a good unit that you should have? My answer is yes. She is really useful in support your team. But, if you make her become an attacker she is quite weak. I’m sure you will get disappointed with her attack power. You can also give him another skill like rally defense. So, all your part will have an increased status thanks to her.

Score: 8.5

Eirika is worth your time. Although it’s not easy to get if you keep trying, someday you will get her. Also, she is one of the Fire Emblem Heroes best units.

Okay, guys, that’s the Fire Emblem tips for all of you. Hopefully, it helps you to choose the best heroes in this game. I think it’s enough for today. If you want to add something about Fire Emblem Heroes Eirika guide, don;t hesitate to write down in the comment section below. See you all again next time and have a nice day guys!


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