Fire Emblem Heroes Latest Update (June 2017) | What Will You Get? Check the Information Below!

fire emblem heroes latest update

New Month already begin. In this June, especially for you who play Fire Emblem Heroes, this game have a big update for all of you. What will you get from this one? I’m sure fans of this game curious about this. That’s why you need to see Fire Emblem Heroes latest update. Nintendo really has done a great job with this game. Thanks to the greatest update they always offer. The users can keep playing this game as long as they can without feeling bored. That’s enough talk, just check the list below to cure your curiosity.

Fire Emblem Heroes Latest Update (June 2017)

New Summoning Focus

  • Once again, Nintendo offers you new summoning focus. The named is “Echoes of Mystery”. Here, you will meet new entry of heroes for this game. From Katarina, Roderick, Athena, and Luke. Of course, your familiar to hear that name, right? Yeah, they are coming from Fire Emblem: Mystery of Emblem series. This is the right time to add this hero into your collection.

New Daily Quest

  • New quest already added into your quest board in the home menu. You can get three orbs from it. But, if you can beat the lunatic difficult in the paralogue story.

“New Paralogue Story”

  • You can also see the new paralogue story. Like always you can complete it to get some orbs. It’s very useful for all of you who need orbs badly to summon the new heroes.

“Give From Tempest of Trial”

  • The greatest content over that Fire Emblem offers to us. Until half of day before this event end. Nintendo gives us 10 orbs and 5000 Heroes Feathers as the special thanks for us.

That’s the new event that everybody can enjoy. I give many thanks to Nintendo because they know what everyone likes. If you want to see the ongoing event,  just scroll down your mouse below.

fire emblem heroes gameplay
tempest trial

Ongoing Events

  • Tempest Trial: How’s your progress in this event? How score you already gained? As for me, I already get 1700 point. I choose the easiest one because it’s not waste your time. The intermediate it’s quite hard for me right now. That’s why I choose the beginner. My aim in this event is to get Marth. I don’t know he is strong or not, but it’s worth to add him to my collection. Of course, not only you get the hero, you can also get many interesting items that you really like.
  • Grand Battle: It’s hard to beat Zephiel? Don’t worry guys, keep trying until this event over. I know it’s not that easy. if you only face Zephiel is a different story, but you will face his minion also. That/s what make it hard to beat. But, if you choose the right hero, this one is piece of cake.

That’s Fire Emblem Heroes latest update for June 2017. What will Nintendo offer to us next month? I can’t wait anymore. For you don’t know about Fire Emblem Heroes game, just download it and you will see the amazingness. Especially, for people who like RPG genre. If you want to add something, don’t hesitate to write down your comment below. Okay guys, have a nice day see you all again next time.

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