Fire Emblem Heroes Units, Choose the Best One Here!

fire emblem heroes units

Playing Fire Emblem Heroes game is not that easy as you think. You need to strategize more whose units that you need to send out. That’s why my today topic is Fire Emblem Heroes Units. I will Help you to choose the best units that you can have in this game. Before we continue, this one is best in my opinion. If you think I have a mistake, please forgive. Everyone have their own taste which unit that they like. Without further ado, check out the Fire Emblem Heroes list.

Fire Emblem Heroes Units | Choose the Best One for You Team!


  • Eirika (Red Unit): All of you must know this hero from Fire Emblem Sacred Stone. If you use it right, this woman can become quite deadly for the opponents. What I like the most from her is she can buff the entire team. So, don’t get surprised if you have more attack and speed because this is her specialty. If you want to get the attack buff, you need to reach the 5 stars rank. You can also inherit the skill that can debuff your opponent’s status, If you can also do that, this is the outstanding unit that you need to have.


  • Ephraim(Blue Unit): This one is a monster for real. Why? Because his skill always reduces all opponents defense. whenever it’s from battle or map, he can do both. Also, his attack status and defense really high. If you face this, you must be cautious. Especially, if he joins together with his sibling, Eirika. Ephraim will become the strongest unit that you have. The minus from him, he is quite a slow fighter.


  • Hector(Green Unit): This moving fortress is really unbeatable. Every foe that faces his might dies quickly. The HP that this character have is really tremendous. If you looking for a character that has great HP, you can only find it on Hector. The second strongest aspect is his defense.Although his attack not really high, because it’s not his job. Hector is one of the tanker that you need to for your team.


  • Tharja( Red Mage): Range units also important in this game. Because if you fight against range units and you only have close combat units, of course, you will die soon because of the disadvantages. Every Mage can hit hard, especially the red one. If you’re not careful, mage units can kill your entire team with one blow. If you need to choose a mage, I recommend you choose Tharja, why? Because I think she is the best one. Her attack and speed hit hard. So, she always hit twice, thanks to her great speed.

So, what do you think my Fire Emblem Heroes units? Is it helpful for all of you? If so, I’m really glad you can become the best player through my advice. I know getting the heroes above not easy as you think. You need what you called a luck. Because you will get the hero randomly. I think is enough for today article about Fire Emblem Heroes tips, see you soon in my next article.

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