Gundam Breaker 3 Tips, Break Your Own Limit Right Away!

In this beautiful day, I want to give you Gundam Breaker 3 tips. I’m sure you curious about it. Especially, for beginners player who never played the previous series. In my opinion, this game is not difficult but also not easy. It depends on the player who played it. I know for the player who doesn’t know anything will be difficult to play it. Why? Because it will be hard for you to decide which one is the best for you. Because you will build your Gundam from the beginning if you don’t know anything you will be doom. That’s why you need to see the Gundam game tips below.

Gundam Breaker 3 Tips | How to Become the Best Player? Check this out!

Level Up Your Parts Frequently: This one is really crucial to speed up your progress. Some of you don’t know you can level up the parts? Relax guys, I will tell you how to do it. Just press Square button and select merge part on the part that you want to level up. I suggest you sacrifice the part that has a high level rather than the lowest level. Why? Because you only get little EXP from the lowest level parts. I’m sure you can feel the differences if you level up your parts.

Use the Weapon Until You Get the EX-Skill: I recommend you use the weapon until you get all EX-Skill. This one is really important to finish all your opponents quickly expect for the boss fight. For the weapon I recommend is a sword. Not only quite powerful is also quick. In this kind of game that you need is speed rather than power. Choose the speedy weapon for you as soon as possible.

gundam breaker 3 gameplay

Use Parts That Can Refill Your Awakening Gauge Quickly: This one actually is quite important. But it will be hard to collect parts that have an Awakening Gauge Booster. If you get it, don’t sell it or use as a level part. Awakening is really important to make your Gunpla become stronger than before depending on the time period. You can endure any opponents attack with this skill. But it takes a while to refill all the gauge fully. That makes the process faster you need some booster to do it. Believe it or nor, Awakening can turn the table of battle.

Don’t just Depend on one Gundam: You can show off to your friends because you can only use one Gundam to clear all the mission. But, there is a time your Gundam can’t handle it. That’s why to prevent that from happening, you need to build another Gundam. Just build the Gundam that have a strong physical attack, long range, and all-rounder. I’m sure it will help all of you to become a better player in this game.

gundam breaker 3

What do you think about my Gundam Breaker 3 tips? Is it helpful for you? If so, I’m really glad you can enjoy Gundam Breaker 3 game with my guide. If you want to add something, don’t hesitate to leave your comment below. I really appreciate if you can do that. See you soon in my next article guys.


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