Hill Climb Racing Tips || Overcome Annoying Stages in the Game!

Today, we would like to give you Hill Climb Racing tips how to pass through the annoying stage in the game. We are sure some of you frustrated because of the stage can make you mad easily. Now, you need to calm down and follow our simple tips. That is enough for the chit-chat, just see the information you need below.

Stage Tips

Here, we will give you the list of the hard stage in the game. So, see the one which makes you angry.

Desert Area

hill climb racing desert area

Except for Truck, Tank, and Monster Truck, all vehicles will move slowly in this area. We do not lie to you, try it for by yourself it if is hard to believe. The only way out you need to choose the three vehicles which we mention above. If you decide to use another one, you only waste your gas amount. Also, do not do any trick because it is waste of time.

Forest Area

hill climb racing forest

Be ready to begin your fight with a tree in this area. A small vehicle will have a problem and cannot pass through easily. If you want to win, use the vehicle which has tremendous power. So, you can pass through the annoying tree which blocks your way.

Mountain Area

hill climb racing mountain

There are many jump points in this area. It means, your vehicle will jump a lot. You must ready when using a light vehicle because it is really easy for it to flip away when jumping. Any vehicles work fine at this stage. Now, it depends on your skill as the driver.

Volcano Area

hill climb racing volcano

Wow, this stage a little bit extreme. You will know what will happen if your vehicle touches the fire. You need to extra careful about this. Even though this stage is quite hard to pass, if you have a will to do it, you will find the way. We recommend you choose the vehicle which has a quick speed. The best one to do the job is a bike. The reason is quite simple, it is to avoid the fire which falls down from the mountain.

Alien Planet

hill climb racing alien planet

This is a weird stage. Actually, this stage is not really difficult at all. You will find many surprises in this area. So, we recommend using a balanced vehicle.  You can also find many hills to climb and jump point. Do not go to fast or you will regret. Slowly but surely, that is the key to overcome the stage.

Final Words

That is the simple tips to overcome the hardest stage of the game. What do you think of it? If you still need another help, we ready to help you. Recently we found a good website which can help you to get the currency of the game. Just use Hill Climb Racing generator to seek a help.


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