How to Become a Good Manga Artist? Follow My Method to Become One of Them!

how to become a good manga artist

Do you like reading a Manga? Or you want to become a Manga artist? You can do both things if you become a Mangaka. This term is used by Japanese people to for the people who create the comic book. So, you have a dream to become one? If so, I can help you to become a good Manga artist. Without further ado, you need to check out the best ways that I give you to become Manga artist, check it below.

How to Become a Good Manga Artist?

Art Designs is Really Crucial

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When you have a dream to become a manga artist, you must ask a question to yourself, can you draw a good design about your Manga? If you can, you should continue with your own belief. Let the world what kind of art styles that will surprised other people. Of course, you need to draw it in details and clearly. The characters must have a good propositional design. If your drawing it’s not that good, it doesn’t matter actually, you can show something different to the readers and it will attract their attention.

Take Literature Course to Gain More Experience

Being a mangaka it does not about drawing the picture, but also, you need to plan out a good plot in your Manga. That’s why Literature is the good way to hone your skill o understand the plot. Yeah, in the plot according to Literature theory, there are extrinsic and intrinsic elements. Become the Manga Artist it’s not easy, that’s why you need to be prepared if you really want to become one.

Planning the Plot of the Story

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If you want to become a good Manga artist, planning the plot in the right order can make you become the best creator ever. Why? Because your story is easy to understand, have a good story line, elements of surprise and many other aspects. If you confuse how to arrange a good plot. You need to make a brainstorming to make it easier for you. Yeah, brainstorming is really a good idea for you to understand what do you want to make.

Ask Others People Opinion

You already proud of yourself because you can draw and write the story without any problem? I recommend you forget about it already, people always make a mistake, So, don’t you dare to get arrogant because you can create a good one. Ask other people opinion is really a nice way. Sometimes, people will notice strange that you never aware of. I’m sure you know what I mean, right? You can use another people as your stepping stone to becoming the greatest Manga artist.

That’s the simple ways how to become a good Manga artist. How about it? Is it helpful for all of you who want to become one? If so, I’m really thankful my guide can help you to overcome the problem. If you want to ask anything about this one, don’t hesitate to write down your message in the comment section below. See you all again next time and have a nice day guys!



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