How to Become a Good Teacher? Just Follow this Simple Steps to Become One!

how to become a good teacher

So, who the one you interested to become a teacher? If so, you’re on the right track to come here. Why? Because I will tell you how to become a good teacher through my experience 5 years being a teacher. Of course, in order to become a good teacher, you need to walk in many obstacles, like the subject that you teach and the student behavior. Through that aspects, you can learn how to become a good teacher. I think it’s enough for the chit-chat. Just see the tips below for further information.

How to Become a Good Teacher

know your student

  • Know your student very well: The first to become a great teacher, you need to know about your student situation. How to learn that? It’s simple actually, just see when you begin the study, can your student perceive all the information that you tell. If it’s not, you can do something, like change the lesson style, you can make it a little bit easier, so some of your student who doesn’t understand about it can participate in the study session. Know your student weakness and strength is one of a great way to become a good teacher.
  • Good Mood is your Key to teach the student: One of the blacklist thing you can’t do when teaching is a bad mood. You need to avoid this one because when don’t teach the student in the perfect condition, it will also affect the student. They will become lazy to follow your study session and the class surrounding becomes really dim. So, if possible, when you teach your student, even though you have a problem I recommend you to forget it a bit. That’s why being a good mood while teaching your student is a must.
  • Master the subject that you want to teach: Don’t you ever teach your student but you don’t know the subject or you didn’t understand the subject fully. Why? Because it’s same like you dug your own grave. Yeah, that’s why it’s really important to master the subject. For example, you teach math, but, you didn’t understand the formula, so, how can you teach your student? You will become the laughing stock by you student. You need to master the subject at all cost before teaching the student.


  • Creative is Needed: Being a teacher both in elementary and senior high school need a high creativity. Why? Because if you can, you can create the unique situation that can make your student diligently follow your lesson without any objection. If you can be that way, I’m sure you one step ahead to become a good teacher. You don’t need to do anything complicated like doing something spectacular, just be yourself and lead the entire classroom to your own pace.

That’s the 4 steps to becoming a teacher. If you want to ask something regarding this matter, don’t hesitate to write down your comment below. I really appreciate it if you can do that. I’m sure if you keep learning, you will achieve your dream soon enough.


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