How to Kill Time at Work? The Best Method From Nielinfo!

how to kill time at work

Hello, guys! How are you today? As for me, I’m in the great mood today. Yeah,  because something fun happening in my life. Ooops, sorry guys, it seems it’s not really appropriate to tell a story about my private life (LOL). That’s enough chit chat. Now, I want to tell you about my topic today. It’s about how to kill time at work. Of course, some of you must ever experience this one while working. Sometimes our mood is not good so it will affect our performance in work. So, how to solve that? Just see the tips from Nielinfo below!

waste time at work

How to Kill Time at Work?

  • Playing with your smartphone: The first tips for me is playing with your smartphone. It’s really effective actually guys. You can find many entertainments in this device. You can chat your friends, watch youtube, or do anything you want. If you’re a game, you can play a game on your smartphone to kill some times. For the proof, you can see people nowadays when they feel stress they will touch their smartphone and smiling again like the problem already go away.
  • Computer can become your solution: If you work with a computer, this is the greatest chance to take advantages of your computer. Just minimize your work and do the fun like googling something to find some entertainment to make you energetic again. But, you need to be cautious when your boss sees it. That’s why button like alt+tab is really useful to hide your activities.
  • Make your work fun: When you feel something wrong with your workplace, you need to do something because it will affect the performance of your worker. Even though you’re not the boss, you can help yourself and other workers. What do you need to do exactly? It’s simple, you can talk some jokes and make the others laugh at your jokes. And you can also eat a snack to reduce your stress while working. Keep yourself relax is the key to bring motivation within yourself to work even further.
  • Light stretching: The last tips from me, do the light stretching. Not only you get the healthy life, you can pass the times without you realizing it. You can rotate your shoulder and neck to make you fit again. Also, if you sleepy while working, you can stop for a while and do the light stretching.

That’s the tips how to kill time at work. I know it’s sound simple, but, it’s really effective. Of course, all of you already aware that there is a time where we can’t keep our performance stay the same. Especially in work, that’s why doing something with yourself can help you to feel energetic again from the tiring work that you do. If you have a question that you want to ask me, don’t hesitate to write down the comments below. I will gladly answer all your questions. Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today article about entertainment in work. See you all again next time guys!


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