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how to make an anime

For some of you who love anime, we are sure you ever thought to create one someday. All people already aware, it is not that easy to make it. You need to think something creative from the scratch. If you cannot do that, it will be hard to make one. But you do not need to worry at all because we will give you useful information how to make an anime.

A setting of a Place

We are sure you confuse why we do not start with the character creation first. Actually, the first thing you need to do is think about the place or a world for your anime. You can see for yourself the setting place in the anime is really gorgeous. If you can decide what the best place,  you can begin with a character creation. Of course, we cannot recommend you anything because anime is about a creativity within yourself.

The Characters

All anime characters are kinda unique. All of them have unique traits which lead the story to an interesting part. Do not ever create generic characters because it will make your anime kinda lame to watch. Create the best characters as the best as you can. Do not forget to set which characters who become the protagonist (main lead), main characters (who appear regularly), support characters (who usually support the protagonist) and antagonist (Evil characters).

anime creation

A genre of the Anime

Anime has many interesting genres which we can explore. After you already know the place and characters, this is the right time to think about a genre. If you do not know, you can watch or read some anime for the references. If you want to create action genre, be sure to give all the characters special abilities. We are sure you already know all action anime characters are really strong and weird because of the overpowered skill.

Anime Software

Now, for the last step, you need to start what you already thought in your mind. Start looking for an anime software. If you cannot find one, you can use the simple one such as Photoshop. Here, you can use a pen tool to create your anime. Of course, you need to open your sketch first and then you can use your tool to make them alive!


Now, you already know the simple information to make an anime. Hopefully, after you read it, you will not find any problem again. If you still have a lot of questions, do not hesitate to ask us to clear all your problem. Here, for you who want to play a game with anime style, we have the best anime games on the smartphone you can play immediately.


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