How to Memorize Quickly? Follow My Method Below!

how to memorize quickly

Memorizing is not something that every people can do. But, it’s a common thing that every human must do especially in school. Your teacher must ask you to memorize the lesson again and again. But, there are some people who can’t do it normally. They need something to help them to improve their memory. I know it’s quite hard to do, but if you put your effort you gain many benefits from it. Now, without further ado, check the tips below how to memorize quickly below.

How to Memorize Quickly? My Best Way For You

how to improve your memorize

  • Record What You Want to Memorize: This is the first and important aspects. If you’re the type of people who always forget about something. You need to write down what you need to memorize. You can bring two notes and separate the stuff which one is important and not. If you keep doing this one, bit by bit, you will improve your memorizing capacity.
  • Repetition: If you want to have a good memory. You need to repeat what you memorize because it will help you quite a bit. It’s not an easy task. But, if you recall it bit by bit, I’m sure you will find a way to improve your by doing this method. Because repetition is the key to improving your memorizing.
  • Getting Your Friend Helps: Human can’t live alone, they need a partner to accompany them. It’s also same like memorizing. You can get your friend help to improve your memorizing memory. You can ask your friend a help to ask a question related to the topic that you want to memorize. It’s some kind of mini test that helps you to recall what you already memorize in your brain. As for me, this trick is quite useful. Why? Because I ever do this kind of thing and works like a charm.
  • Environment: Do you want to improve your memorizing quickly? If so, choose the best environment for all of you who want to do it. I recommend choosing the quiet place, at least you can’t hear any sound that will disturb your memorizing process. Yeah, if you hear someone talking out loud, it will disturb your concentration also. Choose the best place and wear an ear plug can become the alternative for you.
  • Creativity: Processing of memorizing can become quite boring if you don’t understand the material. But, if you can think out of the box to fasten the memorizing you will be good. You can make like a postcard and write down what you need to learn. You can highlight the important with Stabilo to become colorful and attractive.

There are many ways to improve your memorizing. After you read the article about how to memorize quickly, you already know what you need to do. I know there are many tips out there. But, the list that I give you above is the main thing you need to do. Okay guys, I think is enough for today article. If you have another suggestions don’t forget to leave a comment below. Have a nice day and see you all again next time.


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