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how to take good care your laptop

In this beautiful day, I’m back again to present you more amazing topic. Today is about how to take good care your laptop. I’m sure all of you already know laptop is a delicate thing that you need to care. So, if you can’t take good care of it, your laptop will become slower and it will affect the performance of your laptop. Of course, all of you doesn’t want that tragedy to happen, right? Relax guys, if you come here, all your problems within your laptop will be solved immediately. Now, see the tips to take care your laptop below.

How to Take Good Care Your Laptop? Check The Guide Here

  • Install an Antivirus: This is an important fact that you need to if you have a laptop. At least you need to install an antivirus, It doesn’t matter for free or not. At least your computer protected from the virus. Oh yeah, before you installing the antivirus, you need to check up your laptop specifications. At least you have 1 GB RAM. Because if you have a low spec, your antivirus will reduce your laptop performance quite a bit. Because the antivirus always running on the background task even though you close it. It’s the most important thing, especially, when you surfing on the internet.
  • Keep Away Any Liquid stuff: I know when you play with your laptop sometimes you want to drink to reduce your thirsty. But, you will be lazy to put it back to where it belongs. So, you put it beside your laptop. Do you know what will happen if you accidently spill your drinking beside the laptop? Yeah, it will become error and malfunction soon. Because laptop it’s an electronic stuff. That’s why I recommend you not to put the liquid stuff around your laptop.
  • Don’t put your Laptop on a Soft Place: Yeah, because softness will cover all the heat from the laptop. So, the heat will remain inside your laptop. A soft place like bed cover or sofa it’s the dangerous one. Why do I tell you this? Because I ever experience this tragedy. Even though I turn on the Ac, my laptop still hot because the heat trapped inside because I put it on the bed cover. Also, the dust will remain inside because of the soft place.
  • Clean Your Laptop Regularly: Of course, you need to care the case of your laptop. You can use a clean cloth to wipe out the dust from the screen. For the ventilation of your laptop. You can use your old toothbrush to brush it. At least, the dust will go away. Rather you leave it like that.

So, can you see the article on how to take good care your laptop? Yeah, I hope it’s helpful for you. A laptop is an important thing for us because nowadays, everything you do is almost related to a laptop. You already know how to clean your laptop. Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today, see you again in my next article. May the god bless you all.


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