King’s Raid Features of the Game | Is it Bad or Good?

king's raid features

Hi for every RPG Lover. Today I’m back again to present you an amazing game. The named is King’s Raid. Of course, all of you must know about this one. Recently, I downloaded this game. I except the game will be the same like your usual Android RPG. But, it’s different guys. Because it has great features that not every Android game included. Just see King’s Raid features below.

king's raid home menu

King’s Raid Features | Check it Out Right Away!

  • Great Battle System: What I like the most from this game is the simpleness. You can easily access the skill on the menu below characters. Each character has three skill that you can unleash. Not only that, you can also reserve the skill when it’s still in the cool down state. In order to use the skill, you need to collect the blue circle. If you collect enough, use your devastating skill to beat your opponents quickly.
  • Adventures Mode: There are two types of battle in this mode. The first one is a normal battle and the second is a boss battle. Of course, you can differenciate between this two. I think it will be great if you collect enough stars and the GM will give you the rewards. Unfortunately, it’s not happening in this game yet. I don’t why the developers want to add this or not.
  • Heroes Summoning: Unlike another RPG game on Android. In this game, you can choose your hero by paying with the rubies. Of course, the amount is different depending on the hero that you want to summon. Usually, you will get a random hero, but in this game, you can choose your favorite hero. So, say goodbye to a random encounter.
  • Heroes Menu: This is the menu that you usually comes. Here, you can upgrade your heroes weapon and skill. This game also gives you notifications what you can do with each hero like, equip a new weapon, update their skill and any others useful things.

king's raid gameplay

My Impression About This Game

I think this game is solid RPG genre on Android devices. You can play this game without any difficult method. What I like the most are the graphics aspects. It’s really great and smooth. The gameplay is same like your usual RPG. There is nothing new or you can call it generic. I think what makes this keep alive is the graphics aspects. It’s like the graphics itself look really lively. Overall, If you love RPG, King’s Raid game can become your favorite right away. you can find this one on your Play Store.  Also, it’s fo free, unless you want to buy the in-app-purchases that require a lot of money.

Okay guys, what do you think about King’s Raid features? If it really matches your style, you need to download it right away and we can play together. I think it’s enough for today article. If you want to add King’s Raid tips, don’t hesitate to write down your comments below. Have a nice day and see you all again next time.


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