Roblox Tips and Trick | Get to Know the Game Better Based on My Experience!

roblox tips and trick

Roblox, the phenomenal game like Minecraft. The interface is also really similar. But, even though this game copycat of Minecraft, this one can still stand still and become trending topic around the online world. Now, as the player of the game, I will tell you something that you have never know before. What is it anyway? Just see Roblox tips and trick below. Don’t be surprised guys, I just found it recently while playing the game. Just see it with your own two eyes below.

Roblox Tips

roblox flying skateboard

⇒ Fly With Another Vehicle It’s Possible.

From the title above, I’m sure you have a question. Is it possible to do that other than flying a plane? The answer is yes. The first vehicle that can fly is Skateboard. The trick is simple, you just need to insert plane tool ride on your skateboard and it will fly like a normal air plane. I’m sure you curious about it, that’s why you must try it as soon as possible. The second way is by using a mini tank. Insert plane tool to modify your tank. After you insert it, your tank can float but it can’t fly like an airplane.

roblox flying tank

⇒ How to Chat? See the Instructions Below!

Why did I include how to chat in this game? Yeah, because it’s really hard to do it in this game. Especially for beginners player. Not all users know the chat features in the game. But, I will tell you right away. It’s very easy actually. Just press “/” to open the chat menu. And you can type anything that you want. Actually, I found this features accidentally when pressing the / button. But, if you play in the full screen, you can directly see the small bar, it’s the chat features. Oh yeah, to send the message just press enter FYI.

Roblox Trick

roblox freeze

  • Make your character freeze: How to do it? You can easily enter the freezing mode by pressing the CTRL + F1 simultaneously. After you press it, your character will become freeze. I suggest you do it in the empty field where no one is around. In order to change it back, just press the similar button.

roblox moonwalk

  • Moon Walk: Do you want your character to appear like the dance of Michael Jackson? I can grant your wishes right away. Just press the arrow (up) and S on your keyboard. And your character miraculously will do a moon walk automatically.
  • Robux and Tix: Now, the last trick for me is to get this two currency. I know you aware how hard to get the currency in this game. You need to trade your material to get it. But, I have a simple solution for you. How comes? Just click this link “Hack Roblox” to redirect to another page. Here, you can get Roblox free robux and tix without paying anything. It’s really convenient, right?

Okay guys, how about my Roblox tips and trick? Is it help you to know the secret of the game? If so, I’m really happy about that news. I think it’s enough for today article. if you want to ask anything about this game, I will gladly answer it through the comment section below, See you all again in the next chance guys!


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