Seven Knights Game Dellons Awakens | is it a Good Hero? Check it Here!

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Once again, Seven Knights game come again with the latest awaken hero. For this moment, the first Seven Knights finally awake. Dellons is the first knights that team Netmarble chooses as the first one. How about his skill? Is it good or bad? Is it worth your time to collect the awakening shards to awaken him? If you curious, just take a look at the list of his new power below.

Seven Knights game, the Awaken of First Seven Knights!

Dellons is one of the greatest melee fighters in the Seven Knights game. Of course, he will be a badass person. Actually, it’s skill almost same like the previous one. But, the awakening one, get the huge boost of power. Also, his base status is increasing dramatically


Dellons Default Status

HP: 1086

P.ATK: 696

DEF: 328



Dellons Awaken Status

HP: 2252

P.ATK: 1002

DEF: 441


As you can see, his default status get a huge boost. From now on, he can deal the tremendous amount of damage to the opponent who dare to challenge him. I also use him, guess what? His power is like a crazy. Below I will explain about his new skill.

Passive Skill

dellons skill

Reaper’s Blessing: With his passive skill, he can increase the damage of all allies by 50%. He also immune to damage 5 five times including with reflection damage. His newest skill that been added to the awakening mode is increased his accuracy.

Active Skill 1

Deadly Strike: It’s still the same like the previous one. But, the power is increased to 200%. Can you imagine 200% in 3 hits? You will see a spectacular damage from him for sure.

Active Skill 2

Reaper’s Judgement: This skill is decreased from 100% of damage to 90%. But, it has an additional effect. The opponent will get an additional 20% damage from their HP. Don’t forget about the silence status guys.

Awakened Skill

dellons awakened skill

Grip of Annihilation: This is what make him badass. His normal attack can attack three enemies at once. Also, the attack will always in the critical state. Not only that, he will receive immunity 5 times more.


Is it good to add Dellons to your team? My answer is yes. Because he will become the hero that will only stand for your team on the last. Why? Because his immunity is 10 times if you combine with the awakened skill. Also, the silent effect is really useful. It can cancel all the others hero’s skill include with awakened skill. With awakened Dellons joined the party, Seven Knights game will become more interesting.

Okay guys, what do you think about it? Today I’m only sharing you exclusively about Dellons. I’m so sorry I don’t share your another Seven Knights hero. If you want to add something, don’t hesitate to write down your comment below. This is the end of my article. Goodbye and see you all again in the next chance.


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