Shadow Fight 3 Gems Guide! How to Spend Carefully

Shadow Fight 3 Gems Guide

Do you love playing Shadow Fight 3? What is the difficult condition while playing this game? From our side, we saw many players complaining about the gems usage which is really difficult to manage because to get gems is not an easy thing to do. Now, we are going to tell you how to spend your valuable gems carefully.

Talking about gems. How many gems do you have at this time? Do you have more than hundreds of gems? Of course, you do not have it. We have sorted out the best guide to manage your gems. How to earn gems and to use your gems correctly because they are the important part of playing this game.

Anyway, you may take a look our spending gems guide below. We can ensure it would be helpful for anyone who plays this game and they are always lack of gems.

  1. Spend your gems only to buy equipment. We cannot afford all our gems to buy all equipment even though they are in promotion.
  2. Only use your gems if it is necessary. We cannot use all gems to all section, we have to understand our needs at this time. Then, we can spend our gems for that one.
  3. Kill the boss will help you to get gems. Even though it has a limitation, we need to wait until all bosses spawn. Then, we can kill them.
  4. Go raid other players to earn extra gems. Make sure you try to raid the players who have high bounties.

We know, this guide has been known by many people but for some people. They have to know this one. We also have a great information to get free gems. You may use our Shadow Fight 3 hack. It is the first one hack tool we ever met. You can use them to get gems instantly.

Alright, I think that is all, what we can share with you about our gems guide. We hope this article can help you play Shadow Fight 3 easily. Be wise while you want to spend your gems as they are really important but if you are lack of gems. You can use the hack tool above.


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