Super Mario Run Review, Let the Jump Begins!

super mario run review

Hi, guys, back again to my website. Today, I want to tell you about exciting that you should play. That’s why I decided to make Super Mario Run review. Some of you must wait for this game to come on Android. Actually, for IOS users, you can experience this game back in December. So, do you think there are version differences for both devices? Of course not, it’s same. Now, I want to tell you my experience while playing this game. Okay guys, check my tips Super Mario Run.

tips super mario run

Super Mario Run Review, Is it a Good Game?

Actually, this kind of statement depends on the users. If you love simple game and Mario. This one is your best friends without a doubt it. Before I tell my experience, I want to explain you about this game a little bit. As I know, this game is different from the usual Mario game that released on Nintendo console. The differences are quite big, it’s from the controller, graphics quality and the system features. In this game, Mario will run automatically. So, what do you need to do? Only watch him? Of course, you can tap your screen to let Mario jump to collect all the coins until goal post. Like always, the mushroom monster won’t let Mario run freely, they will destroy him before he arrives at the finish line.

What makes me surprised is Mario can do many maneuvers. Yup, this is the best factor that what I like the most from the game. So, current Mario not only run but he can do many maneuvers that make your heart melting from seeing it. The graphics are great, the details quite awesome to see. The story like always, you save princess Peach from Bowser invasion. As I know, you can play different characters. So, you not only control Mario. But, I don’t know how to unlock it, because I never go that far, I only start to play this game recently.

My Impression

Although, the Mario run automatically, the sensation that the game gives the player is really fantastic. It’s time to nostalgic with your farm boy or also known as Mario. As for me, the game is quite good, after you try this, within a second, your love with this game will appear immediately. It’s same like me. The size’s not that big to download.The only problem that I don’t like very much is, you need to buy the full version before you play all the levels. So, you can only play 3 stages plus one boss battle.

Okay guys, what do you think about the Super Mario Run review? Do you want to try it right away? If so, this is your great chance. I really recommend this game if you love casual. Although you can only play three level before you purchase the full version, this one is really worth your time. If you’re fans of Mario, grab this one. Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today, hopefully, my Super Mario run game review is helpful for all of you. See you again at the next meeting.


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