Superman VS Wonder Woman, Who Would Win? The Greatest Battle Ever!

superman vs wonder woman

Welcome back to your favorite website guys. Today I have an interesting topic for all of you. Yup, it’s about Superman vs Wonder Woman. Now, I want to ask you, if both fighters decided to fight seriously? Who do you think going to win? Of course, all of you have different assumptions about this one. This two hero is iconic of DC heroes. Now, without further ado, I want to share you my thoughts about this one. Scroll down below to find more information about this two.

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Superman VS Wonder Woman? The Skill of Each Hero!

Before I go even further, I want to explain the skill of each hero. Please keep your attention on the list below.

  • Wonder Woman Skill:
    • Super Human Strength: Of course, because she is the son of Zeus. Also, her new movie, Wonder Woman (2017) it’s the proof of her monstrous skill. He can lift off anything if she seriously wants to do it.
    • Lasso of Truth: is the named of Wonder Woman whip. The whip is really hot if another user touches it. Also, it’s very useful if she wants to catch the enemy from far away.
    • A power of God: You notice this beautiful woman can unleash a Thunder from the both hands. Also, she has a gauntlet that can protect her like a shield. Not only that, she also has an aura that can repel anything.
  • Superman Skill:
    • Superhuman Strength: Same as wonder woman, this normal human have a monstrous strength that can destruct anything. In term of raw power, I think Superman have advantages against Wonder Woman.
    • Flying Ability: Actually, I don’t know wonder woman can fly or not. I ever see her floating in the sky, but it all thanks to her great jumping ability. If Superman wants to engage in the air battle, I’m sure this one hero have a chance to win.
    • Heat Vision: This is the only weapon that can match against Wonder Woman lightning strike. But, do you think the eyes of Superman will be melting if regularly unleashed this move? LOL. Heat Vision can burn anything within the sight.

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Conclusion of the Battle Between Superman VS Wonder Woman!

Okay, guys, this is my thought about the battle between this two hero. Although Wonder Woman is a half god, it doesn’t mean she is the powerful one. Superman can match against her in term of speed and raw power. But, you can’t underestimate¬†Wonder Woman Skill also. She is an Amazon race, she trains from the child to battle against others who want to dominate the world. If it’s about fighting skill Wonder Woman is far surpass Superman. Also, don’t forget guys, although Superman is really powerful, he has one weakness that can’t be cured. Yeah, when he sees the light or touch the Kryptonite stone, his power will become like a normal human being.

If I must say, I vote Wonder Woman who going to win. How about you? if you have different thought from mine, don’t hesitate to write down your comment below. Okay guys, without any further ado, I think it’s enough for today about heroes from DC universe. See you all again next time and God bless you all.


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