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Sword Art Online Hollow Realization review

Hey guys, welcome back. Today, I’m really in good mood. Why? Because thanks to the game I bought yesterday. That’s why I want to make Sword Art Online Hollow Realization review quickly before I forget about it. Of course, you already familiar with SAO game. Of course, the game not only stops on the Lost Song, its still continue. You can play this game on PS 4 and PS Vita users. For your information, I got the PS Vita version, because I don’t have PS 4. Now I want to give you a review SAO Hollow Realization, check it now.

review sao hollow realization

Sword Art Online Hollow Realization Review, Is It Good?

Actually, I’m really excited about this game. Not only the gameplay change back like Hollow Fragment, you will also get a fresh storyline from the author of this game, Reki Kawahara directly. This is the original storyline that you can’t get on the novel or anime version. Now, I will go the gameplay section. Now, you can take 3 party members to accompany you on your journey. So, your battle will become much easier. Also, you can attack all you want without worrying about burst gauge, unlike the Hollow Fragment series. The map also bit larger than the previous one.

The combat also becomes quite fast. If you love face paced action RPG, this game is quite good for you to play. You will meet again with your old party members again with their new clothes. The game itself success to make a comeback after Lost Song. Yeah, if you ever play Lost Song you know what I mean. The game itself is not that bad, but it’s too tedious. The graphics of Hollow Realization also been enhanced. So, you can see the details quite good.

My Impression

Honestly, I’m really waiting this game to come. But, my dream is crush with the PS Vita version. Why? Because the game it’s very laggy if you don’t update it. If I must say it’s unplayable. What makes me mad is when you bring out all your party member to the field, you will feel the greatest sensation. Yup, the game FPS really slow. It’s like you want to throw away your Vita. Actually, I’m almost giving up to play this one. But, I found a glimpse of light, thanks to my friend.

In order to play the Vita version, you need to update your game data to the latest version. After that, the gameplay back to normal again. At least it won’t be laggy as the default version. Of course, in some area, the FPS will drop, especially, in the water area. But, it’s won’t affect your gameplay that much.

So, what do you think about Sword Art Online Hollow Realization review? As for me, it’s quite a good game to play. You won’t get bored easily, Now, if you’re fans of SAO game or anime, you must play this one. You won’t regret it to try this game. Okay, guys, I think this is enough for today, Hopefully, my SAO review is helpful for you who going to buy the game.


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