The Benefit of Laziness

The Benefit of Laziness

Hi guys, welcome back again to this site. Today I want to share you about this interesting topic about the benefit of laziness. You must be questioning right now, like “what’s the benefit of laziness?” or “You must be kidding me if you said, lazy people, having more benefit than the active one.

Do you even know what’s the real meaning of being lazy? So why you judging other people and tell them they are scum? Only because of some people lazier than other didn’t mean they’re didn’t have anything to be proud of.

Fact and Benefit about being Lazy

Here, I will give you some interesting fact and benefit about being and why sometimes we need to Lazy.

1. Laziness can be the sign of high level of Intelligence too

Sometimes people judge lazy people with their appearance, and you know lazy people are too lazy to clean up their self so they always appear so messed up. But do you know? some research says Laziness can be the sign of cleverness because people with high-level laziness will always think anything to fill their empty time because they are too lazy to do anything else.

2. Lazy people can be a great problem solver

Do you have a friend that are so lazy? You know lazy people sometimes can be a great problem solver. The question is why? Because sometimes lazy people are too lazy to do something difficult so they will find an easy way to do their job or problem without wasting too much time or energy. So we can call them great problem solver, right?

3.You always look for the fastest and effective way to solve your problem

Bill Gates The founder of Microsoft said, he would hire the lazy person to do a difficult job in Microsoft because they always try to find and easier way to do it. Just because you can find an easier way to do it doesn’t mean you’re more efficient, it just means your way to do it are more effective. At least you get your job done and you can go back to do something lazy again.

4. Lazy people will give their best for their job in the last minute

Sometimes lazy people will just lay around and do nothing until the deadline comes, and because of that, they will give their best to do their job on their last minute with great concentration and effort to do it. After that? They will just lay around again because they are fucking lazy.

5. Lazy people always try to find alternative ways to do something

Sometimes lazy people will always try to find alternative ways to do something. If the way other people give to them are too difficult or they just too lazy to do that they will wait for the problem to solve their own self. Because lazy people sometimes more patient than us.

6. Lazy people know how to make money without sweating

Lazy man at the office with a computer

You know? Lazy people are too lazy to move or do the hard job even just to earn some money for their own. So, they will think as hard as they can to earn money without working a lot. Sounds impossible? But that’s the prove that lazy people have greater intelligence than active people. They will find a way and afford it so they can earn money without spending too much energy

Everyone must know the real meaning of lazy is you didn’t want to do anything. But why we need to delay something if we can do at that time. So lazy maybe good for us, yeah I’m not trying to defend the lazy person, but it’s true we need to relax sometimes, but don’t forget to keep the focus on your goals.


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