The Best Endless Runner Game on Android and iOS || It’s Time to Check Out the Truth!

the best endless runner game

Do you have a smartphone? What kind of game that you play with your smartphone? Is it an endless runner game? If so, you come to the right place guys! Recently I just made a list of the best endless runner game on Android and iOS that you should play? So, what kind of game that you must play? Check it out below, I’m sure some of you recognizing the game that I presented below.

The Best Endless Runner Game on Smartphone

Rank 1- Blades of Brim

blades of brim gameplay

In the top place, I choose Blades of Brim. This game combines RPG elements that make this one really interesting. Yeah, you will choose the awesome character while bring out your blade to beat all the enemy in this game. You will run endlessly while hitting the enemy (it’s like a minion but the color is purple) and get a score while you success beat it. Not only that, you have the skill to summon a pet to help you in the stage. There are many varieties of weapon you can choose, it’s from blade, axe, stick, and wand includes with the passive skill with the weapon. This game is really beautiful guys, I’m sure as the endless runner games fans, you will like this one very much.

Rank 2- Subway Surfers                                       
subway surfers
The famous runner game on a smartphone, Subway Surfers. I’m sure you know about this one, right? Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you the important information. Actually, Blades of Brim and Subway Surfers is from the same creator. Yeah, you will notice while playing Blades of Brim, it has the same character design. The task in this game is you need to run away from the cop that wants to catch you. You don’t need to anything difficult, just move left, right, roll, or jump when it’s necessary. There are also power-ups item in the stage that can help you to get more coins and score. You can also change your character costume. Now, it’s time to challenge a friend to reach the best scorer in the game!

Rank 3- Temple Run 2

temple run 2 gameplay

Hmmm… the classic game get revive again! Like Subway Surfers, I’m sure you know about this one too. Like always you will run for your life around the forest and some kind of maze in this game. Right now, you can tile your device left or right in order to move the characters. So, you don’t need to swipe the character. You can swipe your character left or right but, if you swipe it too hard your character will bump and call the monster that wants to catch you. If you like realistic runner game without a doubt you will choose this game!

Rank 4- Line Rush

line rush gameplay

Last but not least is Line Rush. I choose this game because of the cuteness that makes everyone who sees it can’t wait anymore to play the game. Basically, it like a copycat of Subway Surfers. But, what makes this one different is your Line characters will have a level and in the specific stage, you need to fight the boss before you can continue your running. The character level related on how much you can get a score and the cool down of power-ups item. You will also meet the Line character, Brown, Cony, and the green frog (sorry I forgot the name).

That’s the best runner games on Android and iOS.  Do you have another reference? If so, you can write down in the comment section to know which one is the best for you. I think it’s for today article about running games. Hopefully, after you read it, you will try the game as soon as possible. See you in the next chance guys!


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