The Stuff You Need to Know in this Game! Check The Greedy Cave Tips Right Away!

the greedy cave tips

For you who love dungeon crawler game and don’t have any video game console or PC, you can try The Greedy Cave instead. If you only have a smartphone as your gaming device, you need to try this game at all cost. You will enjoy much stuff that this game offer to you. Now, to make it more amazing, I will you give The Greedy Cave tips for you who recently play it. For the veteran player, you can also see the guide to help you complete the game easily.

The Greedy Cave Tips!

Escape Scroll is Very Important

  • For you who don’t know, escape scroll in this game really important. The function is to escape from the dungeon. It’s really important when you already get the item that you want or legendary item. It’s fine you lost the progress of the dungeon but your item is safe. Why? Because if you lost the battle all your item will also meet the same tragedy. That’s why for the first five level, you need to open all the chest to collect the escape scroll. Even though the chance you getting the escape scroll is not 100% guaranteed, but the chance is not slim.

Health Item is Your Key to Survive

  • Journey to the dungeon without bringing any health item is a suicide. Especially in the game like, which death means everything to you. Yeah, because when your character dies, all your progress will be lost also your item. That’s why you need to be careful. when your HP already half of the maximum amount, you need to heal it quickly because you don’t know where the enemies will appear.

Choose the Safest Route

  • Avoid dangerous route that has many high-level enemies. Yeah, because when they find you and attack you, I’m pretty sure it will kill your character instantly. If you think your characters it’s not enough to level, you can train first in the early dungeon to gain more level. If you already sure about it, that’s the perfect timing for you to enter the hard stage.

Don’t Forget to Upgrade Your Item in Town

  • When you in town, don’t forget to upgrade your weapon, armor and any other stuff that you think important. As for me, I recommend you upgrade the weapon and armor, because this stuff really important in the dungeon exploring. Even though your character level is high, is futile when your weapon and armor has a low status. Yeah, it will cost a lot of money but it’s worth the effort guys.

That’s the Greedy Cave tips that all of you should know. For beginners or veteran players, they need to keep looking and the surrounding because the game it’s not that kind as you think. Now, I will give you another Greedy Cave game tips. Check it out below.

the greedy cave gameplay

Here, I will give you the best way to get The Greedy Cave free crystals. Of course, you want it, right? You don’t need to lie to me. I already know about the facts. Here, you need to click this link to process to the next page “The Greedy Cave Hack”  here, all your wishes will be granted. I found this one accidentally when searching on the google. It’s really effective and thanks to that I get free crystals right away.

I think it’s enough for today, if you want to ask another question about The Greedy Cave game, don’t hesitate to write down in the comment section below. I will reply it as soon as possible. Happy gaming and thanks for reading my article.


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