Top Five Trains With Unbelievable Speed

Five Trains With Unbelievable Speed

Hi, guys welcome back to our website and today I want to share you something about our progress in technology. I will share you an article about trains with unbelievable speed. You know? Train lately become popular again, after Shinkansen emergence train industry keeps evolving and innovating. The World and people innovation keep growing faster everyday, who knows maybe last scene we see in sci-fi movie will come true after a few years.

In this article, I will bring up the topic about a train with insane speed that will make you astounded. Especially if you born around 1980-1990 and follow up about technology progress. Asia and Europe lately dominating World fastest trains in the world. I hope their progress encourage us to become better step by step.

This is The List of Five Trains With Unbelievable Speed

1. AGV Italo

AGV Italo is the first train in AGV Series that start operating in April 2012. The AGV itself is the acronym for the French language: Automotrice à grande Vitesse. This is the speediest train after broke a record speed of 574,8kmph in April 2007. This train has a maximum operational speed of 360kmph. This train currently running on Napoli – Rome – Firenze – Bologna – and Milano Corridor.

2. Shanghai Maglev

Shanghai Maglev is the fastest train if we see it with their maximum operational speed because Shanghai Maglev can run up to 430kmph as it maximum operational speed and with 251kmph average speed should be enough to make this train become number one fastest train in the world. The train line operates to connect between Shanghai Pudong International Airpot and the outskirt of central Pudong.

3. Harmony CRH 380A

Harmony CRH 380A become the second fastest train in the world with 380kmph maximum operate speed. This train already sets a record after speeding at 486,1kmph during its trial operation on the Shanghai – Hangzhou intercity high-speed railway in December 2008. This train is one of the four Chinese trains that have been designed for new standard operating speed of 380kmph and this is the only series that not based on a foreign design and produced under a technology transfer agreement.

4. E5 Series Shinkansen Hayabusa

E5 Series is one of  Japanese Shinkansen high-speed train type. Operated by East Japan railway Company and start operating on Tohoku Shinkansen since 5 March 2011 and on Hokkaido Shinkansen since 26 March 2016. If we can remember, Shinkansen was the first bullet train in the world. Shinkansen run with 300kmph maximum speed and 320kmph maximum operating speed and become the fastest train in Japan because this train achieves 400kmph in his first-time trial.

5. THSR 700T

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Nippon Sharyo, and Hitachi, Ltd, was manufactured the THSR 700T, and the train itself was published by Japanese Shinkansen family for Taiwan High-Speed Rail (THSR). The THSR cut across between Taipei and Kaohsiung in Taiwan. The train was released first time into the service in January 2007 on Taiwan High-Speed Rail.

This is all the info I can give to you about five amazing trains with high speed. But don’t forget, even if you live in a place that has a bullet train, don’t take it for granted. Wake early can be good for your health. Thanks for reading my article about Five Train With Unbelievable Speed.


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