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cafeland game tips

Simulation games like Dinner Dash are really entertaining, it’s no different with the game that I want to share with you today. Do you know the game called Cafeland? It’s an interesting game that you need to take care you own café and manage it. You can do everything in this game to attract more customer to come into your cafe. But, today I don’t want to explain the gameplay about the game, but I will focus on Cafeland game tips. You will get much useful information from my tips below.

Cafeland Game Tips

cafeland gameplay

Cook Dishes Faster

I will tell you the simple way to cook your dishes faster. Actually, you need a special oven that can enhance your cooking speed by 10%, So, all the customer don’t need to wait so long to enjoy your food. You can buy it in the shop but it’s cost much money. Are you afraid? Don’t worry, it’s worth the effort guys!

Delete Your Café

You don’t feel satisfied with your current café? You can delete it by going to the new ticket menu and touch the contact us button. From there, you can inform the developer to delete your own café. You don’t need to worry about it, the process is really quick, and you just need to wait for a while to finish. After that, you can start fresh from the beginning with your new café.

Can’t Send Any Gifts to Friends? Check the Solution Here

cafeland gift box

There is a glitch in the game if you don’t know about it. Yeah, you can send gifts to your friends. If there is no quest about this one, it’s not a real problem, but, there is a quest that you must do to send your gift to your friend. This is the real challenge because I don’t know why the Android and iOS version can’t send the gifts. So, what you need to do exactly, just play the game on Facebook, and log in with your account, just finish your quest because the FB version doesn’t have any problem. Yeah, it’s kinda weird though.

Expand Your Café

Another tip for me, do you want to get more customer and facilities? Of course, the only way is by expanding your café. But, the main problem is you must sacrifice a lot of cash in order to make your café bigger than ever. For some people who have enough cash, it’s not a real problem. But, what about the people who need cash in order to achieve it? Yeah, that’s become a big problem. But, rest assured, I can guarantee you get free cash by clicking the link below. Just visit it immediately to know more about it.

Cafeland Hack

That’s the Cafeland game tips that you should know. How about it? Are you satisfied or you want more? If so, just write down your problem in the comment section below. And I will answer I immediately before you know it. See you all again next time and may the god bless you all.


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