Who is Dullahan? The Headless Rider Who Will Terrified You!

Dullahan story

If you heard about Dullahan name, you must be wondering who is that. Not all people know abut this person. I’m quite interested in Dullahan Story. That’s why I will talk about it today. Why suddenly I share a topic about this for you? Because I watched some anime that similar like Dullahan. So, my curiosity is at peek to know more about this guy. Don’t go anywhere, keep stay tuned to this website. And see who is this guy anyway.

Origin of Dullahan | The Dullahan Story

Dullahan is from Irish mythology. From the rumor what I heard he is some kind of dead god. Actually, I don’t know about the gender of Dullahan some of them says, he is a man and the others say she is women. But, people tend to see Dullahan as a man. Everything about this figure is shrouded in mystery. Especially about his head. Yeah, Dullahan doesn’t have a head, or he has it, but it’s not attached to his neck. He always appeared with his lovely black horse. But, the horse also not have a head. I’m sure you always see this figurine in a movie or video game. So, before if you don’t know about it, now you know the headless rider name is Dullahan. Oh yeah, some of them also say Dullahan is the embodiment of Celtic God, the named Crom Dubh.

Do you want more information about him? Just scroll down below…..

Dullahan Skill

Being a death god he must have a devastating skill. Okay guys, for more information, check out the list below.

  • His Head: Actually, his head is quite useful, From the rumor that I read, his head is a function to see in the dark. So, it’ same like a lantern. Also, his head is deadly, when people see it, they will die eventually.
  • Whip: Dullahan also has a whip to punish the target. The material of the whip actually is the skin of human flesh. Is it scary, right?

dullahan artwork

Can You Meet or See Dullahan?

From the sources what I heard, you can meet him at the Irish Festival. I don’t know it’s true or not. This evil figurine is really scary. Why? Because you can appear suddenly when you only say his name. And the last thing you know, you will be in the graveyard. Also, some rumor says, if you meet Dullahan eyes to eyes, be ready to get your death sentence. Not only he usually appeared at the festival, he also appears in the celebration of important people. Usually, the Celtic God, Chrom Dub.

Wow, It seems if you meet this Death God, your life will end soon….

The Secret Info: Actually Dullahan has one weakness. It’s quite funny though. Yeah, his weakness is pure gold. That’s why when the festival begins, Irish people usually bring a gold coin to prevent Dullahan from coming.

That’s all the info about Dullahan story that I want to share you. Hopefully, it can enrich your knowledge about this mythology. Now, you need to be cautious when you mention Dullahan name, LOL. Okay guys, see you all again next time and don’t forget to share this article with your beloved friends.


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