Wizard 101 Beginners Guide | Choose Your School Effectively!

wizard 101 beginners guide

When playing RPG game choosing the class hero for the first time it’s quite confusing. Yeah, it’s can be avoided actually because it’s already become the main problem when playing that kind of game. It’s also same like Wizard 101. Choosing your school (Class) it’s not really easy, to begin with. But, you don’t need to worry because I already prepared Wizard 101 beginners guide for all of you. Hopefully, it can enrich your knowledge about the school that appeared in this game.

Wizard 101 Beginners Guide | School List!

    • Balance: Like the name said, it’s the balance type. It has all buff and debuff skill. The magic power also not really high and also not really down. You can also say, the generic wizard that you choose in the beginning of the adventure and become quite useless in the middle of the game. Especially after you become the pro player.

    • Death: It’s known for the life steal attack. So, when this class attacks the other’s opponent, it can suck your opponents HP and give it to the death class. Also, it can control necromancer and instant kill your opponent (with the low chance occurring)

    • Fire: This class can deal decent damage and HP. The area of damage is the forte of fire class. I really recommend this class, why? Because you can do many things with this one, from the defense and offense you can depend on this class.

    • Ice: This is your tank. If you want to have a perfect defense, choose this class immediately. You won’t regret it any single bit. The defense power and HP are really high. But, if it’s about damage, you can’t depend on this class. Just use fire instead to have more damage.

    • Life: This is the wizard class that specialized with healing magic. The attack from this class is really weak but the accuracy is really high. I recommend it to use this class when you play together with your friend. So, you can focus on the healing and your partner that will take the offensive role.

    • Myth: This is the class that can summon a monster to fight alongside them. They can deal extreme damage to the opponents if you give the right equipment. Actually, this class it’s not really fair. Why can I say that? Because you like to have a minion tag along with you. And the result is really helpful in this kind of game.

    • Storm: The class that has the highest magic power. You won’t regret using this class for sure. But, as the compensation for having the highest magic power, you will get low accuracy and health. Of course, it’s quite dangerous. But it doesn’t matter for you who like to instant kill your enemy immediately.

wizard 101 gameplay

That’s the primary class that you can choose while playing this game. Hopefully, my Wizard 101 school list can help you to choose the class that perfect your play style. Oh yeah, I still have one secret weapon to offer you before I end my article. Do you want to get free crowns from me? If so you can click the link

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