WWE Supercard New Modes Guide || The Newest Modes in the 4th Season Update!

wwe supercard new modes guide

For the player who updates their game data to the latest version, you will find new mode on the home screen menu. We are sure you a little bit confused about the additional menu. That is why we created a guide for you. The purpose of WWE Supercard new modes guide is to help you to understand better about this. For you who curious about this mode, see further information below.

Modes Guide

In this section, we will explain you all the new modes in this game.

Wild Mode

This is a fast battle competition. You only have two minutes to defeat the opponent. To make it worst you use a prebuild deck. So, you cannot use your own deck. You can acquire a free card if you manage to win. If you keep winning in a row, you can also acquire a Diva card.  We recommend you fully prepared to engage the battle here. Check your deck and plan the perfect combo to blast off your enemy quickly.

Elimination Chamber Mode

wwe supercard elimination chamber

Here, you can only use female wrestler. That is why for you who always use male wrestler must have difficulties here. You can use your own deck or rent it. If you do not have many female characters, rent is the only option for you. The key to winning in this mode you must understand about each female wrestler skill.

War Mode

Previously known as a ranked mode. In this new season, the name already changed into War. There are some enhanced features like an additional reward (You will get credits + Bonus Cards). Here, you need to collect a trophy. The one who manages collects the highest number of trophy become the winner. Remember, you face against a real player. They will have a different pattern of attack, unlike NPC you face in this game.

Royal Rumble Mode

wwe supercard royal rumble

Actually, this mode is a part of season 3 update. What makes this one different from the previous one? You only use 15 cards to beat your opponent. You need to think strategically how to beat your opponent with only 15 cards in your deck.

King of The Ring

The famous mode of this game. We thought the developer already erase it on the season 4 update. Unfortunately, it is not true. This one back again to challenge all players. You only have 10 minutes to duel your opponent with 12 cards. You need to think fast how to beat your opponent in 10 minutes.

Final Words

That is all the new modes along with the enhanced version of the old one. Hurry up update your game and feel the greatest sensation. For you who have difficulties to win on the stage, we can help with WWE Supercard hack. It will grant you free credits for free. Do not need to worry we already tested it and work 100%.


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