WWE Supercard Store Glitch, Generate Thousand Credits Easily

WWE Supercard store glitch

Would you like to know about WWE Supercard store glitch? Do you know you can generate a thousand credits to your account in just a minute? Then, you can buy many card packs from the store without spending a single penny from your pocket.

Talking about the store glitch, we all know that WWE Supercard really secured its connection whenever we want to access it but currently, it contains a bug where a user can get credits from the package without filling out the payment. We are sure, you have ever heard about this one before.


The method is really simple, we do not need to do something hard in order to do this glitch. We have designed a glitch generator where it can run the code automatically. It just needs your input such as username and package selection. So, the way to use this game glitch is gonna be easy.

Begin the Glitch

As your initial step, you must clear cache your phone RAM because when the data send to your phone it will consume your resources especially RAM if it is not enough, the process will fail.

Once you have done cleaning your cache, your RAM process will be automatically reduced. However, keep in mind if your Android OS is too old which is below KitKat, you cannot use our tool. For iPhone OS, you are free to use it no matter your version.

Let us begin the glitch, first, you have to visit WWE Supercard hack. Once you are there you can read all the instructions given and you can start the glitch by accessing the button. Make sure you have to create a connection to the tool and you can select how much credits would you like to have.

After, you have done with everything. You have to wait for the hacking process which it will process the glitch. Once you receive a success message you can check your account to check your credits amount. Is not it simple for you?


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