Yugioh Duel Links Tips, How to Arrange Your Deck Effectively? Check It Out!

yugioh duel links tips

Do you have a problem when playing this game? If so, this is the best place to look at our Yugioh Duel Links tips. the main problem when playing this game is about your deck constructions. In every card games, deck is very important. That’s why you need to think which one you should include. We know not every people can do this. Generally, people think which monsters, trap, and spell that should be used. Actually, if you know the mechanism how to construct a good deck you will be fine. Now, check out the guide below to help you.

yugioh duel links guide

Yugioh Duel Links Tips How to Make Awesome Deck

Before we go to the tips section, The maximum number of cards in one deck is 30, compare to the other Yugioh games, which 40. That’s why you to think which card is the best for your deck.

  • Before you construct your deck, you need to choose your playstyle. which one you going to focus. Do you want to become monsters users, spell users, or trap users? or do you want to combine all of them, it’s up to you.
  • To create a balanced deck, at least you should have 16 monsters, 7 spell, and traps. This is the basic strategy.
  • Now, we go to the spell section. For some of you who have a problem setting up a spell card, you must see this guide at all cost. Actually, if you know the trick, this is very easy to do. The first spell you must include in your deck is that can prevent your opponent card from activating. Also, it’s quite good to have a spell that can recover your life points.
  • Next, about trap card. The main role of this one is to destroy your opponent monsters and decrease their attack power. It’s very nice if you have a trap card that can destroy your opponent monsters. The other card effect you should have is about decreasing your opponent monster attack power. If you have all of this your combo will be perfect.
  • Finally about monsters card. We really recommend you bring effect monsters rather than normal monsters. It would be very nice if you have it. Also, to summon 5-12 stars monsters you need a tribute. Some of you must happy got a card with 3000 attack power. Actually, you can’t summon it yet. In order to call it, you need to tribute your monsters depend on the star. The important one is to have an effect monsters that can turn the table on the duel.

So, what do you think about Yugioh Duel Links guide above? Is it helpful for you? If so we glad to create this tips. Of course, many strategies you can apply to manage your deck effectively, but the tips above already cover the basic how to create it. Now, what are you waiting for? Get your game on and beat all your opponent with your awesome deck.


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